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Every year brings new gadgets and gear to tempt even (perhaps especially) the most seasoned golfers. This year has seen some of the best new releases, and we can thank the surge of new and reinvigorated players that came to golf in 2020.

Given the rise of new (and returning) players, it’s no surprise that the golfing gear industry has also seen a bit of a boom. Supply and demand call for it, and they delivered. Here are some of the best golf gear of 2021 – so far.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

According to Mygolfspy, the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver is the most wanted driver of 2021. It’s sound, has great feedback, and is a fan favorite (especially for testers). The price helps keep it from being too intimating for beginners, which is a plus.

Premium Golf Balls

Are you looking for premium golf balls to up your 2021 game? The good news is that there is plenty to choose from. Popular options include the Srixon Z-Star XV, Wilson Staff Model, and Callaway Chrome Soft X LS.

Cobra (Radspeed/Draw/Tour/Big Tour)

Shoppers looking for Faraway wood options have been leaning towards the Cobra, which comes with four models and head sizes – leaving a lot of variety for the particular golfers out there. 

Golf Training Aids

Given the sheer number of new golfers, it makes sense that companies have begun to really push their golf training aids. What’s refreshing about the options currently available is that they run the gambit when it comes to technology use.

PuttOUT Putting Mat is an excellent low-tech option, with printed alignment guides and a reasonable price. Better yet, this is an item that doesn’t require a ton of space to use or store, making it perfect for those with limited options.

If you’re looking to work on your swing, the Orange Whip Compact Swing Trainer is the perfect option for you. This tool is ideal for warming up, teeing off, and setting up players for a great round of golf.

Ping G425 Hybrid (Adjustable)

Hybrids have been increasing in popularity, thanks to their very adjustable nature. One of the best models out there right now is the Ping G425, a club that can do a little bit of everything – perfect for those that don’t want to worry about having a complete set of clubs.