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One of the many reasons people enjoy playing golf is seeing how their progress develops over time. Training aids and the use of proper equipment can significantly improve a player’s golf game. There is a considerable market for golf training aids such as alignment rods, swing weights, and other gripping and posture methods. The majority of training aids exist in the swing improvement category and ways to finesse a player’s short game. Consistency is key, regardless of hole distance or club, which is why feedback from training aids is so vital to the ultimate, desired outcome of confident predictability. If you do make the decision to purchase a training aid, it’s essential to use it. Improvement comes from repeated usage and feedback, not from buying a tool and storing it in the corner. 

Not all equipment is right for every player, so it is recommended players get an expert assessment of their skill levels and physical stance before spending any additional time or money. In addition, an honest self-assessment about your abilities will maximize your success in the long-run. When examining training aids to improve a swing, the tools to look for are ones that can assist with grip, swing tempo, weight transfer, and ball contact. All of these are ingredients to a perfect swing recipe. If putting is your focus, practice perfecting shots from a closer distance, then gradually increase the range. Tools exist to help provide feedback for your stroke’s arc, reducing the number of off-center strikes and maintaining proper acceleration. 

One prevalent training aid is the SKLZ Gold Flex training swing. One of the reasons people love it is the ease at which it can be used indoors without a ball or a large space. This has been a lifesaver during the past 11-months of quarantine. Not only is it a great stress reliever, but it also enables you to learn how to perfect your swing by adapting weight balance to your stance, increasing backswing height, and enabling smoother hip movement. Every family member can use the Gold Flex at any skill level.

The wedge is a vital club to dominate short games and escape a tricky environment like sand traps. The Orange Whip wedge provides feedback that players can feel regarding rhythm, tempo, and balance.