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Golf is a sport that is easily underestimated, yet those in the know understand how deceptively simple golfing is. There are countless tricks, methods, and things that must be understood to rise in the world of golf.

The most talented golfers around the world all have specific habits to help them train. These habits are a constant, never overlooked. These habits can help everyone from a first-time golfer to the pros watched on TV.

One of the best habits any golfer can obtain is honesty. Being honest with yourself is an essential part of any sport, but especially so in golf. Accept the reality of the situation, from the course itself to your current talent level. This will allow for the proper solutions to come to mind instead of the temptation to hide behind excuses.

Next, any aspiring or experienced golfer should work on their pre-shot routine. That is to say, the steps that are taken before the swing. The pre-shot routine is very personal and thus should be customized for every golfer. Still, one can always look at the patterns of the experts to get ideas if they’re feeling stuck.

Related to the pre-shot routine is the post routine. While much focus is given to the pre-shot routine, the post routine is just as vital. Once again, look to the performance of expert and champion golfers to get an idea of what your routine might look like – but be open to customizing it to fit your needs and style.

Anyone who has taken to the course knows how much walking is involved. In a way, this is intentional, as walking plays a significant role in the mental side of golf. It’s calming, can help get one’s head in the game, and can provide perspective on the course. Thus, it’s essential to ensure that one is walking when golfing. This may seem simple, and it can easily be an overlooked habit, but it is a crucial part regardless.

Finally, golfers need to practice with purpose. It sounds simple, but it is still the truth. Anyone seeking to get better should take the time with each session, focus on the basics, and mastering them. Create small goals that are easy to achieve, and know what you want to get out of any single practice run or game.