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Golf has been a favorite pastime for centuries, appearing officially in America around the 17th century. It became an official club sport in the late 19th century with the United States Golf Association (USGA). Golf is one of the top ten most popular sports in the United States, with over 24 million active hobbyists and amateurs participating. An additional 15 million have expressed an interest in the sport, a number that grows each year exponentially. The goal is to improve their skills on the course once they learn the initial ropes for many golfers. There are several ways to achieve this.

When a player’s club is touching the ground, and the ball is resting in front of it, it is called the address position. The way you address your ball is crucial to the rest of your swing, which is why it’s essential to work on your grip, your stance, your posture, and your aim. Also known as your swing platform, your starting position is one of the most critical skills to practice before anything else. The perfect address will be consistent, regardless of the length of the iron. This is a difficult skill to master. 

Unlike on television, the typical golf game is not about hitting the ball as hard as possible to cover long distances. A skilled golfer uses the same technique regardless of range. The skill to master is how to focus on hitting the ball straight with a swing path. As this skill is developed, more ball control and more challenging greens and courses can be attempted. It is much harder to hit straight than hit far. 

It’s important to practice your short game within six feet of a hole. The club’s impact controls 92% of the ball’s direction, so it will take hours and hours of practice to get a feel for controlling the pace. Longer shots also require an emphasis on the pace of the ball. Golfers tend to focus too much on lining up their shots and not enough time practicing their pace. 

One vital tip is to avoid comparisons with other golfers. Everybody is different regarding physical capabilities and challenges. Skills must be honed at a level that works for the individual, not based on how someone else is playing.