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The sport of golf has been around for thousands of years, but the modern iteration of the game started in Scotland, gaining a true following around the 15th century when King James IV began to play. The first British Open was played in Scotland in 1860, and champions started becoming well-known, adorned with a silver-buckled challenge belt that they kept until the next championship. This idea was revised when Young Tom Morris held the title for four consecutive years and winners began receiving medals instead of belts. At 17, Tom Morris continues to be the youngest major champion in golf history. Today, winners are presented with the claret jug, which they keep for one year until the next championship. In addition to the British Open, there are three other annual events called the US Open, the Masters, and the USPGA. The greatest golfers in history have made a name for themselves at each one of these tournaments.

Tiger Woods is arguably the most well-known household name in the world of golf today. He has earned a reputation as being a prodigy from the age of two. The whole world watched from the sidelines as he grew up, knowing that he would literally change the game before our eyes. He currently holds 82 PGA tour victories, which ties his for the first all-time slot with golfer Sam Snead. In addition, he holds 12 international victories, and he has won 15 professional major golf championships, trailing closely behind Jack Nicklaus who holds the lead with 18. He also has earned the respect and gratitude of his fellow golfers for bringing attention and excitement to the sport.

There is a reason that Jack Nicklaus has earned the esteemed titles of Golfer of the Millennium and Individual Male Athlete of the Century. As the Golden Bear, he earned 73 victories over his long, impressive career, including 18 majors. Not only was he a success, but he also brought out the best in his opponents, propelling them to greatness as well. He also elevated the game itself to a higher level through his obvious respect and love of the sport. People cheered him for his mental toughness and physical endurance. His strategic genius behind navigating the world’s most challenging golf courses was unlike anything people had ever seen before.