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Spring has sprung, which means days are longer, flowers are blooming, and spring sports can resume. For golf enthusiasts, this means golf season is also officially open for business. As a lover of the game, the season can be a relatively small window of time, depending on where you live. In the southern states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona, golf is pretty much year-round unless December and January are too chilly. In the North, however, it is a whole different story. April to October is the typical window of time, occasionally extending from March to November. If traveling isn’t an issue, these top-rated golf destinations for Spring will feature glorious scenery and other fun activities to do, in addition to enjoying an excellent course. 

South Carolina boasts multiple golf courses. Two of the most notable locations are Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Myrtle Beach earned its title as the world’s golf capital, partly because of its 100 surrounding area courses filled with golf lovers from all over the world all year long. You can also enjoy shopping, restaurants, entertainment options, and the fantastic beach in your spare time. Hilton Head is a quieter option. You still have spectacular ocean views and 50 courses to choose from.

Florida is another state that is associated with golfing vacations, and for a good reason. With over 1,300 public and private courses and year-round availability, Florida is more golf-friendly than any other state. Tampa is full of rich history, with ethnic diversity and strong Latino flavor. Home to over 100 courses in naturally beautiful surroundings, it is also a great place to get some sun, golf, dance, and explore the region.

For a completely different change of scenery, some golfers are drawn to the idea of desert golf. Built among a natural desert landscape, the surroundings remain undisturbed, with grass placements on the tee, putting greens, and fairways. Arizona and Nevada are among the most popular desert golf hotspots because of their natural beauty and variety of difficulty levels available. Scottsdale and Phoenix host over 200 courses between them, and some, like We-Ko-Pa and Sedona, are so majestic, people come just to view it, regardless of golf.