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Texas is known for many wonderful things. In addition to hosting the number one place to live in the United States, it also boasts a wonderful array of cultural exhibits, superior dining, and an almost endless array of activities to choose from. Golf is one such example. 

While the game of golf itself may not have originated here, the Lone Star State is nevertheless proud to be the home of numerous golfing legends such as Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. In addition to state pride, the people are also very loyal to their favorite golf courses. While it may seem counterintuitive, the relaxing game of golf is taken so seriously that there are numerous rating systems used to determine which ones are the best. These courses are ranked on multiple levels to determine an overall score, and it is a great honor to appear on national best-of lists. 

The number one rated golf course in Texas is the Whispering Pines Golf Club. It has been on the Top 100 list since 2013. Admirers are quick to point out the tranquility and peacefulness that surrounds them when they play. It was designed by a well-respected golf architect who managed to create an idyllic rolling landscape from a rough initial structure. It also makes use of its natural terrain, creating a variety of experiences throughout a player’s journey.

The Dallas National Golf Course has won rave reviews for its newly-renovated architecture that is meant to appeal to a wider skillset. It also benefits from being close to a bustling city, making access easy. They aren’t shy about wanting to host future championships, and they have the ability to do a great job, according to locals and experts alike.

Bluejack National is proud of its resemblance to the Augusta National course. They consider their design to be an homage to one of the greatest of all players, Tiger Woods. He himself has played there, citing how similar it feels to Georgia landscaping in Augusta. 

The Texas Star Golf Course is a more toned-down version of a pro-level club. It is part of the Texas Star Convention Center and hosts an 18-hole course, terrace grill restaurant and party event space. This suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth is home to many small-town delights.